Business Strategies

Here we will walk you through the path to your financial freedom.

The Business School

The way most of the very rich people became rich is by building a business but there are some barriers that kept most people out of the business world.

For one, most people don't have the money it takes to start their own business. And for another thing, building your own business from scratch remains the riskiest way to become rich. Today the failure rate for new businesses is about 95 percent.

What about a franchise? A franchise takes a great part of the risk out of it and your odds of success improve significantly but you are still stuck with a problem of having to come up with a huge capital.

Then, what is the solution? The solution is actually found in network marketing. This business model creates passive and residual incomes and requires relatively small capital to start. It has a very low overhead and can be operated on a flexible part-time basis until it generates enough cash flow for you to transition out of your full-time job.

So What Is Network Marketing?

Network marketing is the process of building a network of people who use a product or service and share the product or service with their family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and so on.

The basic idea of network marketing is as simple as it is brilliant. Instead of spending lots of money on all sorts of advertising and marketing channels to promote products or services, why not pay the people who love it most to tell others about them? That's exactly what O-Organic does. We pay a portion of every sale back to our businesspeople, who typically are also the products most committed and enthusiastic consumers.

Does That Mean Network Marketing Is For Sales People?

Definitely NO! In network marketing and especially at O-Organic, the whole point is not for you or any other businessperson to sell any product; it is for you to be your own best customer, and enroll a reasonable number of people and show them how to do the exact same thing.

Network Marketing Leverages

As a businessperson in O-Organic, you not only build a network, but you own the network and that gives you tremendous financial leverage over franchise or any other business models. Also you harness the power of Metcalfe's Law that defines the value of networks as:

V = N2

That is, you grow your network by duplicating yourself in someone else just like you. Meaning, the moment there is one of you, the economic value of your network is one. When there are two of you, the economic value of your network is four. And when there are three of you, the economic value of your network goes from four to nine, and so on. You are working arithmetically but your economic value is growing exponentially.

Also, network marketing gives a significant tax advantages. By starting a network marketing business, you can begin to gain the tax advantages of the rich and you may have legitimate tax deductions on home office, car expenses, business trips, dinners with clients, personal products usage, and much more.

In addition, network marketing is a business whose major investment is not your money but your time and effort. Note that a true businessperson never stops investing and reinvesting to build a business. The reason so many people fail to achieve great wealth in any business is simply that they fail to reinvest continually into their businesses.

Building A Successful Business Network

To build a successful business network, you will need to speak and connect with people, invite them to experience the products you are excited about and take a look at the information you have and then FOLLOW UP with them. Then, once they have decided to join you in the business, you share with them your enthusiasm, your experience, and help them learn to do what you have learned to do, that is duplicate your success. And note, unlike other businesses, in network marketing business, your uplines and downlines success is your success and vice versa, and that is why teamwork is very important.

Who Do I Enroll Into My Network?

You can enroll anyone into your O-Organic network business. In network marketing, you don't prejudge or eliminate people base on their appearance, character, tribe, or religion because everyone is a potential prospect and you don't know who will even be a good team player that will help take your business to the next level. And please have a background check on the people you are bringing onboard to ensure that they are free from any criminal activities that may put you in trouble.

Moreover, remember that not all the people in the O-Organic network business say 'YES' the first time the opportunity is presented to them. If you do receive 'NO' for an answer, do not take it as a personal rejection. Some people will rather spend their time doing something else and even at that, someone that say 'NO' now can still think it through and say 'YES' later.

Here is a short list of the people you might have in mind to introduce the business opportunity to:

  1. Your immediate family members such as your spouse, children, siblings and parents
  2. Your extended family which include your aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, and nephews
  3. Your in-laws
  4. Your friends
  5. Your neighbors
  6. Your co-workers
  7. Your religious, clubs, or meeting members
  8. The people you have a professional relationship with such as your banker, client, doctor, landlord, tailor, and so on.

It is time you seize the opportunities in O-Organic network marketing business and enjoy a rich and abundant life, rather than spending your life working hard on a job only to make your rich boss get richer. And remember, "It is not your boss's job to make you rich. Your boss's job is to pay you for what you do. It is your job to make yourself rich by joining a network marketing business that includes you in its plan like ours."